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Sí.Nik Productions  was founded by Simone "Azucar" Nikkole, a spoken word poetess and author,  after the publication of her first solo poetry book, My Journey through Poetry. Within Sí.Nik Productions, pronounced See-Nick to capture her bilingual flare and colorful vision, Simone Nikkole put s  her past literary experience to good use helping other poets and artists perfect their craft.

The services she provides include publishing consultation, editing (format/content & English/Spanish), marketing, image, and publishing consulting. Read More about the Services and Pricing in the Services Section.

The company's slogan, "Feed Your Soul, Inspire Your Mind" gives you a glimpse into the Sí.Nik philosophy. Freedom of Expression, Creativity, Sensuality, Empowerment, Inspiration and Positivity are crucial to what Simone Nikkole and Sí.Nik Productions represent.