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Sí.Nik Productions  was founded by Simone "Azucar" Nikkole, a spoken word poetess and author,  after the publication of her first solo poetry book, My Journey through Poetry. Within Sí.Nik Productions, pronounced See-Nick to capture her bilingual flare and colorful vision, Simone Nikkole put s  her past literary experience to good use helping other poets and artists perfect their craft.

The services she provides include publishing consultation, editing (format/content & English/Spanish), marketing, image, and publishing consulting. Read More about the Services and Pricing in the Services Section.

The company's slogan, "Feed Your Soul, Inspire Your Mind" gives you a glimpse into the Sí.Nik philosophy. Freedom of Expression, Creativity, Sensuality, Empowerment, Inspiration and Positivity are crucial to what Simone Nikkole and Sí.Nik Productions represent.

"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them."