Another scrolling Instagram inspired poem. My boyfriend was mad because I was posting about an EX after he told me to not give him the #timeofday ... he was too late. My pen had other ideas.... inspired by #darkroomstories

They came into my life

On a downbeat 

With a drive that matched mine

The synergy so rare

That first night

We talked til 3a

All topics not off limits

They saw me

They understood me 

They finished my sentences

We talked about forever 

We talked about our goals

Passions and ambitions 

We struggled to find time to commune together

That first train ride changed everything 

I reached to hold their hand

They smiled a smile I never saw before 

It had an innocent glimmer

Like "wow she chose me" little old me

That night we connected our spirits

After finishing our work of course

They never let me get distracted from my goals

They became my reward after I hit submit

It went so well

I visited them at all their shows

I cheered so loud

They could hear my support 

My belief in their cause

My passion for their passion

Then they told me about her

Their painful past 

Ugly divorce of passions

Of missions

Of tethered futures 

I felt for them

They were gifted in touching my emotions

So deep

Unbeknownst to me 

It was all a rouse


They don't remember 

The dark clouds we brought each other through 

They don't remember 

The songs they wrote about our amor

They don't remember

The struggle love

They don't remember

How the sound of their voice 

Could pause my heart

Could excite my mind

They don't remember

The countless after 11 encounters

To supply their needs

To feed their itch 

While on tour for generations

They don't remember 

The secret video calls 

They don't remember 

Asking me to sing on their songs 

But I wasn't ready 

They don't remember

The joy we shared 

when they reconnected with their birth family

They don't  remember

Why is it so easy for them to forget 

They don't remember 

And now they are

An armed stranger

With all my secrets.



I meditate a lot with #DeepakChopra and #oprah ... So in this mediatation #hopegoesglobal , I was inspired to write a piece. Most of you have seen a #snippet on my personal IG (@azucarpoetisa205)..

my hope is grounded in a deep reality

a reality created in knowing

God has already delivered us from this pandemic

no need to panic

my hope is grounded in a deeper reality

a reality when my future becomes my present

where my heartstrings are connected to the universe

connected to the world

feeling the collective pain and loss

not letting it overwhelm the truth in gratitude

for deliverance into our abundant future

my hope is grounded in a deeper reality

a reality where this is not the end

only the beginning

of a new world order

a new mentality

where care and community reign


to success, money and greed

my hope is grounded in a deeper reality

a reality where essential workers

compensated appropriately

feeding their families

without strain or worry

my hope is grounded in a deeper reality

a reality where creatives are respected

compensated appropriately

not viewed as luxuries

but essential

to the renewing of the mind

renewing of the heart

renewing of the spirit

renewing of the soul

how do you put a numerical value on that

my hope is grounded in a deeper reality

a reality where existence is measured

by the lives you touch

by philanthropy

by connections you make

by the kindness you show when you could be salty

my hope is grounded in a deeper reality

a reality where the pandemic is defeated

a reality where the world is cleaner and healthy

a reality where our collective consciousness

is bigger than individual accomplishments

my hope is grounded in a deeper reality

a reality where after physical distancing

social solidarity

proper protection equipment servicing

the world stays different

the same was never working

in the first place

my hope is forever grounded in the year ACVD

after corona virus  disease




one with the world

walking in unity



Updated: May 30, 2020

In response to what has been happening in the country, I am reopening the submissions for "Firewords".

I am halting production of "TO Love Azucar" to begin focusing on this project.

What I am accepting:

Maximum amount of submissions per person: 5

For each literary work: maximum 2 typed pages/per piece

For each digital work: min of 1 minute of performance

For each art piece: no curse words please. I want this to be a family project. If you use curse words, please include # (hashtag) or * (star) or $ (dollar sign) to substitute the language.

  1. poems about the black/minority experience

  2. videos about the black/minority experience

  3. songs about the black/minority experience

  4. art about the black/minority experience

The deadline for Submissions is December 31st, 2020.

This will be published/ digitally released Feb 1, 2021.

Any questions feel free to contact us. Subject line: Firewords

"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them."