I was really mad with my Ex... so here is another one... This will be featured in a future book called, THIRSTY!...

Enjoy. Quarantine made me really bold... so I am really scared to share this. Just know I was #venting ... Ya Girl was sooooo madd. I couldn't sleep and HAD TO WRITE...


when you used to go by he/his

Your heart used to skip a beat 

when i held your hand

you had a glimmer in your eyes 

when you looked at me

you flashed me the biggest grin 

from cheek to cheek

when you spot me in the crowd

but now

you don't remember my name

you must have hit your head

or smoked too much weed

bc last time I checked

you were the one that ghosted

I was too caring for you

I was too much an atm for you

an opportunist playground

was jaicee to you

now i know

fuck your new pronouns they/them ****( I was mad . this is not how I really feel. this is what #theshadow does. I am doing my shadow work as we speak)***

(back to the #regularlyscheduledventing) ...

you fed me lies 

 you promised would take care

of the people that took care of you

"word is bond"

the bond broke 

with the new moniker

parading around like you a battle rapper

but you don't have the audacity to remember my name

i guess our relationship wasn't the same

you became an asshole

you put other male feminists to shame

you took advantage of me at my weakest moment

it's how you get all your ladies

modern day pied piper

ladies watch your brains

he's coming to rob you of your intelligence 

the hours we past the time on the phone

talking about ancestors homelands

and birth families

trips we were going to take together

the motherlands we were going to resurrect

my heart speeds up with every breath

with every line

with every syllable of every word

If you respect women so much

how did you reconcile our after 11 trysts

how do you sleep at night

knowing all my money you spent

how do you breathe

when the conscious words you sang

had my aura all over it

when your lion's roar

was enough to activate my whisper

Thank God for social distancing 

because this notch on your belt for a year

would be in front of your house

burning your clothes

shattering your CDs

and spreading the newfound knowledge 

this feminist is a full on narcissist 

it is time to boycott the leon music

i can get over the ghosting

because of your extracurricular activities 

because of your new name and philoslophy

trust and believe the next time I see you

around the way

on the red carpet

please let me witness Miguel slap you silly

for forgetting a girlfriend 

that inspired a whole album

or maybe that is just it

i was your muse 

nothing more

minus my paychecks 

and our generation

so you could finish an album

and when you were done with me

you fixed the notch on your belt

turned off your phone

leaving the Brooklyn apartment of our first time

so far in your Rearview mirror

your grandmother and grandfather are gonna have to check you

for being so disrespectful.



#30in30 for National Poetry Month... Like I promised.

In this quarantine #coronacurfew, I have been doing a lot of scrolling through Instagram (my poetry IG @azucarapoetisa205) . My boyfriend and I like art. So I stumbled upon this art piece inspired by women's freedom and #newyork. Please remember to #stayhome #washyourhands #6feetphysicaldistance

And this is what happened...

When you enter my orbit

when God tells me 

my forever rests

within your arms

within your heart

there are no limits 

what our love looks like

we can be free 

exploration is heavenly

learn me 

i enjoy learning you

my milkshake

brings all the men to the compound

proposals are not far off

know when I choose you

when I say yes

to the best

i will bulldoze through your heart

i am a force 

jaicee is another story 

she lives in the lightyears

so let us know your fears

so we can debunk them

i wear my cowboy hat

no stranger to riding into the sunset

until almanacer

and then we can

do it all again

breakfast in bed 

only for a break

wine after dinner

me for dessert

shower and repeat

breakfast in bed

only for a break

wine after dinner 

me for dessert

shower and repeat




only one break







i wear my cowboy boots 

these boots are made for walking 

outta your life 

if you don't act right

submission only exists

with a mission 

to submit to

no blindly following here

silence 1920's wife is not me

i will say it again

for the machismo men

in the back


only exists

with a mission 

to submit to

shower and repeat

in cowboy hat

no stranger to riding him

into the sunset

no need for ropa

until almanacer

when we do it all again


we bulldoze the night

in the dark

the sheets fight for position

covers not necessary

covers are never necessary

but when we done baby

please don't forget to hand me 

my hat


At the end of the tunnel...

I see more than light

I see love and happiness

in colors and hues

blues as bright as the sky

reds as deep as the passion burning within

purples as royal as your future Kingdom

golds as chains meant to shackle

but are now indicators of success

your wealth

wealth of heart

wealth of spirit

wealth of community

wealth of knowledge

knowledge will bring you farther

than you can ever imagine

remember your dreams

it was Me with you inside that tunnel

I AM guiding you to My Peace

the "He" you saw was the "He" I was creating for you

the He that deserves you

yes you crashed a few times

he wasn't ready for your goddess

your enchantment

your exquisite

your love and all encompassing it is


you know the forever He


a combination of the past

your past and my past

with my future for you

I hear you

your muse

I see you

your hues

I listen to your cues

your prayers

it takes time to build your King

only the best for my Child

on the perfect for my Princess





"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them."