At the end of the tunnel...

I see more than light

I see love and happiness

in colors and hues

blues as bright as the sky

reds as deep as the passion burning within

purples as royal as your future Kingdom

golds as chains meant to shackle

but are now indicators of success

your wealth

wealth of heart

wealth of spirit

wealth of community

wealth of knowledge

knowledge will bring you farther

than you can ever imagine

remember your dreams

it was Me with you inside that tunnel

I AM guiding you to My Peace

the "He" you saw was the "He" I was creating for you

the He that deserves you

yes you crashed a few times

he wasn't ready for your goddess

your enchantment

your exquisite

your love and all encompassing it is


you know the forever He


a combination of the past

your past and my past

with my future for you

I hear you

your muse

I see you

your hues

I listen to your cues

your prayers

it takes time to build your King

only the best for my Child

on the perfect for my Princess





My ancestors tell me to..

Sing like Celia and Ziggy

dance letting the music fill my soul

be free

be that warrior woman with the machete

fight like Bob and Cesar

my ancestors tell me to...

embrace my beauty

love the creativity radiating through your pores

be free

we support you

let your heart be your guide

we will cover you

we will catch you

my ancestors tell me to...

don't worry about the future

the creator has that covered

all you have to do is breathe

breathe in confidence

breathe in strength

breathe in wisdom

open the door to the creator

shut it for no one

channel your peace

being who you really are

get in touch with your core

happiness will be unwavering





I come and go back

to the eyes

that talk to me

they look like mine

but i do not remember

she has a fire

i long to touch

i long to devour

to become one with her

to reach back

behind my eyes

i feel her

she tries to speak to me

reforms as the warrior within

the tiger with a murmur

waiting for her chance to growl

I see a sparkle

but so faint

she is there reaching

she is there teaching

she is there manifesting

she is there

i can no longer ignore