1/30 ~ Physical Distance

Six feet is far enough

you can still see my stride

still be blessed by my light

six feet physical distance

not the same


six feet under pavement

keep listening

and you keep breathing

pray for the world

it needs healing

pray for your soul

may it have room to blossom

have time to see what you and yourself have in common

six feet is just enough

to know how deep is your love

1- through law adherence

2- through text message

3- through facetiming missions

4- through digital turn up sessions

5- through phone dings and rings

6- through letter and gift sending

Touch is a love language
love was never canceled
is loving this way too hot handle?

be graphic

be wishing

be planning

be reminiscing

be appreciating

be hoping

physical distance

brings you closer together

closer than ever


~Azucar ~



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