7/30 - Bulldozer

#30in30 for National Poetry Month... Like I promised.

In this quarantine #coronacurfew, I have been doing a lot of scrolling through Instagram (my poetry IG @azucarapoetisa205) . My boyfriend and I like art. So I stumbled upon this art piece inspired by women's freedom and #newyork. Please remember to #stayhome #washyourhands #6feetphysicaldistance

And this is what happened...

When you enter my orbit

when God tells me 

my forever rests

within your arms

within your heart

there are no limits 

what our love looks like

we can be free 

exploration is heavenly

learn me 

i enjoy learning you

my milkshake

brings all the men to the compound

proposals are not far off

know when I choose you

when I say yes

to the best

i will bulldoze through your heart

i am a force 

jaicee is another story 

she lives in the lightyears

so let us know your fears

so we can debunk them

i wear my cowboy hat

no stranger to riding into the sunset

until almanacer

and then we can

do it all again

breakfast in bed 

only for a break

wine after dinner

me for dessert

shower and repeat

breakfast in bed

only for a break

wine after dinner 

me for dessert

shower and repeat




only one break







i wear my cowboy boots 

these boots are made for walking 

outta your life 

if you don't act right

submission only exists

with a mission 

to submit to

no blindly following here

silence 1920's wife is not me

i will say it again

for the machismo men

in the back


only exists

with a mission 

to submit to

shower and repeat

in cowboy hat

no stranger to riding him

into the sunset

no need for ropa

until almanacer

when we do it all again


we bulldoze the night

in the dark

the sheets fight for position

covers not necessary

covers are never necessary

but when we done baby

please don't forget to hand me 

my hat


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