April is National Poetry Month

Hola mi gente!

Every April I write 30 poems/scenes in 30 days. I used to post them on my individual artist page www.simonenikkole.com . The old ones are still there. I am in the process of updating that site (the format changed and locked me out years ago) which is why i am using the company site now.

You can still see a few poems from the #30in30 on that site if you click the link above.

Since this April is 20 years in poetry, my anniversary poem will be very special. After Apr 21, I will post my 30 in 30 for National poetry month (at least the first 21 pieces).

I usually end up with bonus pieces because certain numbers are sacred to me like 3, 8 and 11. I usually end up writing more than one poem on those days.

Stay tuned for the #napowrimo2020 30 in 30 posts!

Love always,


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