Do You Want to Live the Sweet Life?

Hola mi gente! After much debating and people texting me and telling me they miss my IG Live's....

I have decided to create a podcast with all my #werkwellwednesday knowledge and some more gems for all us struggling creatives out there. I will be talking to some of my friends about their lives, projects, successes and failures all in the effort to get us all closer to living our best life, or in my case LA VIDA DULCE , the sweet life. #thesweetlife #lavidadulce

It will go live with all sugary goodness on my poetry anniversary (19 years in the game, ya'll)

APRIL 24, 2020.

Mark your Calendars, Sweeties!

And of course because I want to get us all over the hump, they will air every #werkwellwednesday after that!

Stay tuned My Azucar Addix! #AzucarAddix will trend soon! Watch me.

If I asked you to join me for a session, Please book it at your convenience in the Booking Section.

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