Journey to Dr. Simone

Good morning mi gente!

As many of you know, I am working towards becoming a licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist.

So it just so happens today I witnessed a destructive family pattern. Corona and the Devil are working double time during this #stayhome #socialdistancing new reality we have.

Some of us are not privy to healthy relationships 24/7/365.

What I witnessed this morning was an example of An Emotional Triangle. #emotionaltriangles occur when a third person is caught in the middle of a duo's relationship. I say duo here because it doesn't have to exist only in a romantic relationship. The third person functions either as a buffer or a witness to the destructive patterns of the duo. We all think bringing in a third person can always solve our problems. But that is not the case. The third person, often times than not, deflects the attention off the problem at hand or the relationship itself.

Some of you might say, what is the purpose of a therapist/counselor then?

The difference between the third person in the #emotionaltriangle and the #therapist or #counselor , is the third person has emotional ties to and emotional stakes in a relationship with each individual involved. So in my case above, observing was probably the safest role for the third person because he/she did not want to take sides and offend someone he/she loves.

The therapist is a non judgemental observer with no emotional ties in the stake of any of the relationships involved. We are ethically forbidden to create an emotional bond with our clients for the sake that it would ruin or stunt the progress in the #therapueticrelationship built on trust, mutual understanding and confidentiality.

So if you find yourself in a situation where the relationships are getting tough due to this #coronaCurfew and #togetherathome 24/7, do not be afraid to reach out to your therapist, counselor or someone you trust to help you work through it.

REMEMBER: a non biased party is the best person to reach out to especially if you are not currently in therapy.

That's my #sugarcube for the day. May you enjoy this #coronaCurfew and remember to #washyourhands #coveryourmouthandnose ...

I'm sending you #6ft of love and light.

Best wishes,

The future Dr. Simone

LMHC , LMFT Candidate

Columbia University


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