NEW! TO Love Azúcar preview!

Here is a preview of the "Orchid Nymph".

Orchids symbolize an exotic, yet delicate and graceful nature. They come in different colors. In "T.O. Love, Azúcar" part 1, the orchid nymph is dating and open to experiencing all the relationships have to offer. She feels one with the Red, Pink, Orange and Yellow orchids.

Yellow reminds her of the joy of new beginnings and budding friendships.

Red signifies passion, desire, strength and courage.

Pink signifies grace, joy, happiness and innocence.

Orange signifies her boldness, enthusiasm and pride.

Remember to attend the Just my Type, "T.O. Love, Azúcar" Release Party this Friday 2/12 7pm on Facebook live! Check out the Events page to RSVP. If you buy the book on Release Day, I will send you a special Love Letter!

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