Literary Editing

- Available for English/Spanish works (poetry and novels)

- Format editing ($1.00/piece/page)

- Content Editing ($3.00/piece/page)

- Full Manuscripts ($300)

-Phone Consultation after each Round of Edits

Image Consulting

Marketing Consulting

- Brainstorming Vision

- Venue Hunting

- Style Consultation

- Not Lowering Your Standards: How to Keep Values & Morals in the Entertainment Business

- Sticking to Your Vision

First Session: Free

Subsequent Sessions: $40/each. $30/venue booked

- Brainstorming Marketing Strategies

- Website Consultation

& Development

- Social Media Branding

- Marketing Kit Design

- The Wonders of the E-Book

- Bookstore Contracting

First Session: Free

Subsequent Sessions: $30/each. $800/yr for website development & maintainence

Publishing Consulting

- Brainstorming Vision

- Identifying Publishing Goals

- B&W Publish w/copyright ($550)

- Color Publish w/copyright ($1060)

- Do's & Don'ts of Self Publishing

- Developing a Publisher Bank

- The Importance of Copyright ($100 only)

- Identifying  Artist's Rights

First Session: Free

"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them."